The Center for Documentary and Ethnographic Media maintains a range technical resources for documentary fieldwork and postproduction. CDEM also provides documentary services to units across campus and faculty with documentary components in their research projects. 

Please note: In order to access CDEM resources for production or postproduction, you must be affiliated with the Center in one of four ways. 

  1. You are enrolled as a participant in the Documentary Lab Seminar in the current semester.
  2. You are a Mimesis Micro Grant recipient, and you are working on your proposed project.
  3. You have a Sponsored Project with the Center approved by staff. Contact to discuss affiliating your project with the Center. (Sponsored Projects are selected at the sole discretion of Center leadership, and evaluation criteria include suitability, Center capacity, and availability of alternative solutions)
  4. You are covered under an inter-unit memorandum of understanding with the Center.

Production Equipment

All production equipment is housed in the Stadium, Gate 7, Suite 255-45. No unauthorized borrowing is allowed. Please use the form below to request a reservation. Center staff will follow up to confirm your reservation, and schedule an appointment for checkout.

Submitting a request does not guarantee availability.

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Postproduction Suite

The Center houses three postproduction bays in the Stadium, Gate 7, Suite 255-45. Bays 1 and 2 are open to all Critical Media Practices graduate students, while Bay 3 is open to participants in the Documentary Lab Seminar, Mimesis Micro Grant recipients, and affiliates with Sponsored Projects.

Use the following calendars to reserve time on the desired postproduction bay. 

Bay 1 - DCMP - PC

Bay 2 - DCMP - Mac

Bay 3 - CDEM - PC

    See also: Mimesis Micro Grants