Published: July 7, 2020

We are proud to announce the first installment of Flaherty x Boulder will take place at the first annual Mimesis Documentary Festival August 12-18, 2020 as an online program. All Mimesis programs and events are free and open to the University of Colorado Boulder community, including students faculty and staff. 

The Unwriting of Disaster

Flaherty x Boulder at MDF 2020

Curated by Devon Narine-Singh, Suneil Sanzgiri, and Alia Ayman

For the first ever retrospective of films screened across the 66-year history of the Flaherty Seminar, this online program brings together films that work in opposition to the spectacularization of tragedy. 

To write the disaster, to document the catastrophic, to bear witness to the unbearable event all seem to have become default impulses in times of crises.  Luckily, this fervor to record has not remained unchallenged. Image-makers from all over the world continue to create works that overhaul the free-floating belief in the merits of visibility, archiving and inscription, thereby favoring the poetic to the sensational. This retrospective of previous films screened at the Flaherty Seminar looks to how these artists and filmmakers have responded to the explosive, destructive and inescapable forces of their times.

Still from Peter Hutton's 1979 film Boston Fire.

Peter Hutton, "Boston Fire" (1979)

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