Published: March 5, 2020
Bio Picture of film maker Adam Fish Launching a Drone


Join us for a film screening event and Q&A with the filmmaker Adam Fish facilitated by an interdisciplinary panel. Free to the public. Food and drink provided

April 1st 6-8:30 PM

Case Auditorium


We are in the midst of climate crisis. We create mass extinction, massacre the inhabitants of the oceans, annihilate the forests, and overheat the planet. Much of our knowledge and understanding of this comes by observing the Earth from above. Atmospheric technologies—satellites, balloons, and drones—bear witness to this global catastrophe. And like all human creations these atmospheric technologies are flawed. They regularly fail and fall from the sky. Crash Theory investigates the entanglements of disintegrating ecologies, tumbling drones, and human interventions - a first-person account of drones monitoring erupting volcanoes, palm oil plantations, and coral reefs in Indonesia; marauding elephants in Sri Lanka; starving orcas in the United States; and internet infrastructure in Iceland.

Academic Roundtable: 

Eric Coombs Esmail, Director of the Center for Documentary and Ethnographic Media, University of Colorado Boulder

Tiara Na’puti, Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Colorado Boulder

Meryl Shriver-Rice, Director of Environmental Media, Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy, University of Miami

Hunter Vaughan, Environmental Media Scholar-in-Residence, Department of Media Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

Topics: environmental media, drone justice, digital anthropology, climate change communication

Adam Fish is Associate Professor and Scientia Fellow in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, at the University of New South Wales. He is a cultural anthropologist, documentary video producer, and interdisciplinary scholar examining the social, political, and ecological influences of new technologies. He is the author of Hacker States (2020 MIT Press with Luca Follis), Technoliberalism (2017 Palgrave Macmillan), and After the Internet (2017 Polity Press with Ramesh Srinivasan), and is currently completing a book, Drone Justice, with MIT Press.