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Tuesday, March 12
5 - 6:15 pm MT
Wolf Law Wittemyer Courtroom | 2450 Kittredge Loop Dr. Boulder, CO
Livestream and in-person
Moderated by Todd Zywicki, VSCTP fall 2023

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About the Event

Todd Zywicki (VSCTP, fall 2023) is back for a conversation with Eugene Volokh. Come hear them discuss how civil rights movements and minority groups more generally benefit from free speech.

This event is co-sponsored by Voices for Liberty. Voices of Liberty supports campus events that engage undergraduate students in discussion about free speech and civil rights. Voices for Liberty speakers and campus partners ask students to consider historic and contemporary ways in which free speech has, or can, drive civil and social progress in critical areas like censorship, marginalization, and racial conflict. They also run occasional public symposia and webinars on emerging research in this area.

About the Speaker

Eugene Volokh teaches First Amendment law, a First Amendment amicus brief clinic, an intensive editing workshop, and business torts at UCLA School of Law, where he has also often taught copyright law, criminal law, tort law, and a seminar on firearms regulation policy. Starting May 2024, he will be a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution (where he is currently a Visiting Fellow). Volokh is the author of the textbooks The First Amendment and Related Statutes (7th ed. 2020), and Academic Legal Writing (5th ed. 2016), as well as over 100 law review articles. He is a member of The American Law Institute, a member of the American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel, and the founder and coauthor of The Volokh Conspiracy, a leading legal blog. His work has been cited by opinions in ten Supreme Court cases and over 300 court opinions in total, as well as over 5000 academic articles. He has also filed briefs (mostly amicus briefs) in over 150 cases, and argued 40 appellate cases in state and federal courts throughout the country.

Before coming to UCLA, he clerked for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court and for Judge Alex Kozinski on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Volokh worked for 12 years as a computer programmer. He graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in math-computer science, and has written many articles on computer software. Volokh was born in the USSR; his family emigrated to the U.S. when he was seven years old.


Parking Information

Short term paid parking available in lots 404, 406, 415, or 423. More information or questions can be found on the Parking and Transportation website, or call 303-735-7275.