DC PhotoCU in D.C. Experience Report

So far, I have been in Washington, DC for just over a month. Little would I know, that month would be filled with some of the most fun and most fulfilling work I have ever done. Don’t get me wrong, beautiful Boulder will always have a place in my heart, but I would certainly recommend that any Buff interested in the world of government and politics do their best to make it out to DC at one point or another.

For starters, I am surrounded by history. It is a quick 20 minute metro to some of the world’s best museums and monuments on the National Mall. Since most of these attractions are free, it ensures that you will always have something to do on your time off from work. One of my favorite things to do is walk from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial and back. On the way, you pass many other significant monuments. So far, my favorite of the museums and monuments has to be the National Museum of African American History and Culture. As the newest Smithsonian, it had some of the most impactful exhibits and the most interactive exhibits I have seen at any museum around the world. I spent almost a full day just at this museum, showing just how much there is to do at each museum. A month in, and I still haven’t been to the vast majority of museums on the National Mall.

Our CU in DC housing is in the NoMa neighborhood, and is only a 5 minute walk to the nearest grocery store and the nearest Metro station. I did not realize how important that would be before I got here, but now I understand just how incredible these amenities are. From the Metro, you can really get anywhere in the DC area with ease (I suggest you leave your car at home!) It is so easy to explore other awesome areas such as Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Navy Yard, Adams Morgan, and even some of the towns on the border in nearby Virginia such as Alexandria and Arlington. Truly, there is no end of excitement in this city and I guarantee that after one semester, I will still have things yet to accomplish.

As a Political Science major, it has been incredible to learn and work in the place where the magic happens. I have been interning for a local member of Congress, helping with essential office functions and legislative needs. I have also been meeting as many people as possible to hear their stories and figure out how they made it here as well. I think my favorite part is getting to explore the halls of the Capitol. The artwork and historical significance is second to none when it comes to the US. When Congress is in session, everyone is flying around making sure that our Member is ready for votes no matter how big or how small. The other interns and I get along fabulously, and even though most of us go to different universities, we have an undeniable connection through our love for Colorado.