AlexWashington D.C. is perhaps like no other city in America. No other place in the world such an opportunity as Washington D.C. From the halls of Congress to the lobby firms, to the numerous federal agencies and NGOs. Washington D.C. has just about any internship anyone can think of. Through the Snider Foundation’s scholarship, it allowed me the opportunity to partake in one of the most eye-opening experiences in perhaps all the world. Compared to all other Study Abroad at CU, CU in DC gives the unique ability to make a difference in world, that the internships we have make a positive impact in the world we live in, something that is rarely ever seen in the academic world. The city provides perhaps one of the most unique experiences and has something to offer no matter what your preferences are.

Washington D.C. offers one of the most unique experiences in America. Perhaps one of my most favorite places to visit was the National Zoo. There I spent countless hours photographing the Giant Pandas, watching them eat, taking naps and even little Xiao Qi Ji (the panda) tumbling down the hill as he walks next to his mother. With Giant Panda being one of my most famous animals, the National Zoo is one of the few spots in America where you can actually see them. D.C. offered much more than just Pandas however! From Intern Night at Nationals Park, to protesting at the Supreme Court, from being goofy spies at the museum to run around taking photos in the rain.

This summer, I was lucky to attend my internship at the United States Agency for Global Media. While many people may not know what it is, USAGM is the parent organization for some the world’s most famous news agency such as Voice of America and Office of Cuba Broadcasting. The organization founded its roots amid the Cold War. Today, they continue this mission to their promote freedom and democracy in countries in which the freedom of press is not considered an unalienable right. My internship dealt with policy within the agency, to support and create guidelines in which our employees can achieve these goals. I learned so much from improving my writing skills, to working on a disaster response plan the opportunities that USAGM provided were second to none and solidified my goal of working somewhere to make the world a better place.

This summer I can’t describe how many positive experiences I had. From my internship to the city, to all my wonderful friends that I made along the way, my only regret is that this opportunity did not last as long any of us truly wanted. I would like to thank the CU In DC programs and all the support staff along the way for providing a wonderful experience both in Boulder and in DC. I am truly grateful for the Snider Foundation for providing the financial ability to partake in a truly life-changing experience.