What is Academic Freedom? Poster

The Western Civ Dialogue Series presents:

What is Academic Freedom?

Thursday, 11/9/2017
5:15 PM-7:15 PM
Hale Sciences 270
University of Colorado Boulder

What kinds of behavior is academic freedom supposed to protect?  What kinds of restrictions on behavior is it supposed to allow?  Why does academic freedom matter in the first place?  This panel will feature a variety of views on this hotly-contested subject.

In order to ensure we have enough seating for this event, it is strongly recommended that you register in advance.


Brian Leiter, University of Chicago Law School
Regina Rini, New York University
Peter Wood, National Association of Scholars
Michele Moses, University of Colorado Boulder

Sponsored By:

Center for Western Civilization, Thought and Policy (CWCTP), Center for Values and Social Policy

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