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Losing a pet is a somber and intense experience shared by scores and scores of people each year. In this discussion, panelists will examine the many issues that pet owners face when confronted with the decline of their animal companions.

The Center for Western Civilization, Thought & Policy at the University of Colorado Boulder explores the culture, languages and ideas of the Western tradition, ranging from antiquity to modern society. Its concern, first and foremost, is with the values that emerge from that tradition, and their ongoing role in the institutions of the United States.

Integral to this mission is the Center’s commitment to fostering research, debate and dialogue on the fundamental issues of our time – moral, political and economic. The Center hosts the Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy and provides a forum for free and open discourse across the university community. Our aim is to promote a lively and balanced conversation that respects both conservative and liberal ideals, thus fostering the full diversity of political, economic and philosophical perspectives on the CU Boulder campus.