Students, fellows and faculty of the Center for Environmental Environmental produce a diverse array of journalism, research, and creative work for national and international audiences. From the global wildfire crisis and climate change, to environmental health and the nexus of environment, science and policy, CEJers have covered it all — in books, feature articles, documentary videos, photo essays and research papers. 

CEJ faculty take a 'teaching hospital’ approach, working together with students to produce journalistic content for publication in major venues. Reporting collaborations between students and faculty have resulted in work that has appeared in Time, Discover Magazine, Climate Central, Ensia, onEarth and other venues. And students have traveled with faculty to as far away as Svalbard in the high Arctic to report on important environmental issues. The five Scripps Fellows in Environmental Journalism use the Center for Environmental Journalism as a professional home from which to work on major journalistic projects. And CEJ faculty keep up a steady stream of their own work for major magazines, book publishers and research journals.