Our fellows come from a wide range of backgrounds: some have worked as radio producers, others as freelance writers and some as photo editors. But there's one thing they all have in common—outstanding clips. Prior to beginning their fellowship, the 2015-2016 fellows were published in National Geographic, Earth Island Journal and Science magazine. They produced packages for Smithsonian.com and National Public Radio. And they scooped up several awards while they were at it.

Napoleon in Exile -- National Geographic Adventure

Quito Grown  Clothes Keep You Cool, More Or Less The Call of the Elk Rainforest For Sale

Silverton Saves Its Paper

 What's A Meteor Shower? Field of Dreams  The Mystery Of Brain Freeze  The View from a Canoe Baby corals and fish smell their way to the best home Into the Amazon A Bold Decision Mahogany's Last Stand  The Perfectly Toasted Marshmallow Large Scale Farming Without Toxic Pesticides is Still a Distant Dream Last of the Amazon

Russia By Rail