A very generous endowment was given to CCAR by CU alum and longtime Boeing astrodynamicist, Daryl Bahls. Daryl attended the new building groundbreaking ceremony on Oct 26th and on that same day, signed the official paperwork putting in play the opportunity for CU Aerospace students in the BAM (Bachelor's-Accelerated Master's) program pursuing an emphasis in astrodynamics and space mission design to become Bahls Scholars. Daryl’s generous endowment will support student travel awards to broaden and improve their technical communication skills as well as a select few students’ tuition, books and fees.

Daryl got the chance to meet several faculty during his visit and he hopes to remain in contact with CCAR over the coming years to assist students and to meet his vision of providing a rewarding student experience through his endowment.  Feel free to reach out to Daryl and make a connection.

The Bahls Endowed Funds

The intent of the Bahls Endowed Funds is to reward and foster technical excellence in the field of space mission design – explicitly in the areas of astrodynamics and space mission analysis. This endowment will provide a significant portion (up to 100%) of the cost of a student’s tuition, books, fees and supplies in the pursuit of a BAM (Bachelor's-Accelerated Master's) program in Aerospace Engineering Sciences, with an emphasis in space mission design. It is the intent that these scholarship awards be a BAM program commitment. This page will be updated once applications are being accepted.  We do not currently have a time frame for acceptance. Eligible students are those enrolled in the BAM program of the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Qualifying students must have:

  • The equivalent of a 3.50 (B+), or higher, grade point average (GPA)
  •  have shown an interest in space mission design.

This interest shall have been demonstrated by:

  1.  Completion of significant prior coursework specifically relevant to space mission analysis
  2. An expressed interest in earning a Certificate in Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation. Scholarship recipients shall be called “Bahls Scholars.” Among qualifying students, the Committee may give additional consideration to those who have the greatest financial need.

The Bahls Endowed Funds – Travel Award

This award is intended to allow Bahls Scholars the opportunity to broaden and improve their technical
communication skills. They will do this by using these funds to attend space mission analysis or astrodynamics-related conferences. There they will observe presentations and presentation styles and present the results of their own studies, investigations and research.