Link to Resource: A Learning Progression for Modeling Energy Flows in Systems

Authors: The ASPIRE Reseach Team

Citation: Buell, J.Y., Briggs, D.C., Burkhardt, A., Chattergoon, R., Fine, C., Furtak, E.M., Henson, K., Mahr, B., & Tayne, K. (2019). A Learning Progression for Modeling Energy Flows in Systems. Boulder, CO: Center for Assessment, Design, Research and Evaluation (CADRE).


This paper outlines development of the Modeling Energy Flows Learning Progression and key indicators for each level of the learning progression. This learning progression is designed to directly support three-dimensional science learning by integrating the crosscutting concept of energy in systems and the science practice of modeling at each level. These two-dimensional levels can then be integrated with individual disciplinary core ideas. In this paper, we describe the foundational literature that informed development of the learning progression, the individual levels, and key indicators that mark transition points between levels. The learning progression is designed for use across scientific disciplines, but is also specific enough to support instructional coherence within disciplines. We posit that learning progressions that are designed in this way can serve to support systems of assessment, instruction, and professional development across multiple grade levels and disciplines.