Link to Resource: Learning Progressions and Embedded Assessment 

Authors: Derek C. Briggs and Erin Marie Furtak

Citation: Briggs, D.C. & Furtak, E. (2018). Learning progressions and embedded assessment. Pre-print from S. Brookhart & J. McMillan (Eds) Classroom Assessment and Educational Measurement, NCME Book Series. 


Learning progressions have great potential as an organizing framework for classroom instruction and assessment. However, successful implementation of this framework hinges upon developing a curriculum-embedded system of student assessment. In this chapter, an approach to meeting this challenge is illustrated in the context of a learning progression in science that crosses the disciplinary boundaries of physics, chemistry and biology in a high school setting. Four key ingredients of our approach include (1) mapping and aligning the scientific content of the learning progression to the curricula of the participating teachers, (2) making the case that assessment activities targeted to the learning progression can provide teachers with relevant insights about their students, (3) bringing teachers together to discuss student ideas that emerge from assessment activities, and (4) linking the assessments within and across the courses taught by participating teachers.