Training is required before access can be granted to CU-SIS and COGNOS. The training modules you take depend on the type of access you are requesting. Once you have completed training, you can request access by going to the Campus Solutions (CS) Access. Find the CU-SIS Access PDF form on that webpage, download the form and complete it. Submit the form to your supervisor who will approve the request and route it to the CU-SIS Coordinator. For more information about COGNOS Levels, see Reporting Security Levels. Requests are completed within five business days from receipt.

Please be as specific as possible about your role and the type of data you need to access. Without detailed information, minimal access may be given.

Training Requirements


CU-SIS Student Financials


  • FERPA (required every three years with a minimum passing score of 80%)
    Click to Launch

  1. Log in to MyCUInfo.
  2. Click the CU Resources tab.
  3. Click on the compass in the upper right corner and the NavBar will open.
  4. Click CU Resources and click Training. 
  5. Click Start SkillSoft.
  6. In SkillSoft, click the CU System button and then CU-SIS from the left menu. 
  7. Click Launch to begin a course.