(1) Create biomimetic materials with biomolecular and mechanical cues to control cellular fate and function in physiological environments, and

(2) Translate these innovative materials into pre-clinical and clinical studies to improve human health.

We have four main research themes highlighted below. Our group designs and develops synthetic-based biomaterials (e.g., hydrogels) with incorporated biomolecules and controlled structures (e.g., 3D printing) for engineering a wide range of tissues and for creating organoids. We have designed and built a set of custom bioreactors (US Patent # 8,375,851) to study cellular functions in the context of physiological environments where mechanical forces are prevalent. We also employ in vivo models to study the role of the innate immune system in biomaterials and tissue engineering. Together, our overarching goal is to develop biomimetic and immunomodulatory materials that guide cell fate and promote tissue regeneration when placed in the body. We acheive these goals through highly collaborative and interdisciplinary teams.