We've compiled requirements for CU Boulder units and employees to adopt when creating applications for CU in the Apple or Google application (app) stores. Applications branded with the University of Colorado Boulder name represent the university to the world and can either enhance or detract from our university’s reputation. That said, nothing creates a worse impression in the mobile app repositories than an app that is poorly crafted, not kept up to date, uses unprofessional graphics or does not include the campus logos.

Please ensure that all mobile apps created to represent the University of Colorado Boulder will comply with the university's visual identity and branding standards and guidelines, and established visual style as maintained below.

All graphics for a planned app must be submitted to the Strategic Marketing Alliance for review and approval before launch. Materials may be submitted through this webform.

Anyone creating an app that represents the University of Colorado Boulder must commit to supporting that app with content and necessary development for at least two years after publication of the app. 

Specific Mobile App Brand Standards

  1. Application icon graphics and default (inital) screens should feature the university logo. A special compact version of the CU Boulder logo was created for this purpose.
    Sample icon graphic:
    Sample icon graphic
    Sample default screen graphic:
    Sample default screen graphic
  2. All graphics should primarily use university colors and fonts.
  3. The provider (seller) of the app should be listed as "University of Colorado Boulder."
  4. The app description should include that the app was: "Developed and provided by the University of Colorado Boulder."
  5. The copyright for the app should be listed as "© Regents of the University of Colorado."