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Caitlin MascioCaitlin Mascio is a junior studying biomedical engineering. She also serves as the social media coordinator for the Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter at the University of Colorado Boulder. Mascio is a Colorado native who grew up in Highlands Ranch.

What brought you to CU Boulder and attracted you to the BME program?

I came to CU for the beautiful campus and the great engineering program. I was originally in aerospace, but I missed taking biology classes. I love learning about the human body and BME allows me to do so from an engineering perspective.

What biomedical research are you interested in?

I am on the pre-med path and would like to go to medical school for pediatric surgery or obstetrics and gynecology.

Have you participated in internships? How have they helped you?

I am currently working in Professor Sarah Calve's Musculoskeletal Extracellular Matrix Lab at CU, researching how exercise can change the structure of MCL’s extracellular matrix in mice. The independent study has helped me develop fundamental lab skills and problem-solving skills in a real-world setting.

How has the Biomedical Engineering Society impacted your time at CU?

BMES has brought me much closer to the other leaders in my classes. The group has shown me that even when I feel like giving up, there are people who will support me that are in the same boat. We hold each other up.


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