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Liana Kerr-LaytonLiana Kerr-Layton is a junior in Biomedical Engineering Program and serves as the vice president for the Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter (BMES) at the University of Colorado Boulder. She has always been a Buff who grew up in Boulder.

What brought you to CU Boulder and attracted you to the BME program?

Upon introduction to the College of Engineering, CEAS faculty, Engineering Honors Program (EHP) and the BOLD Center, I learned CU Boulder would not only be a place of academic excellence. It would also be a community focused on inclusion, with a passion for learning and supporting others.

I was intrigued by the multidisciplinary aspect of BME. It allows me to combine my interests instead of only choosing one. Through diverse and rigorous courses, I can broaden my knowledge and feel confident in my ability to excel and face any challenge. I am also grateful for the program directors and coordinators that remain attentive to our academic needs. I appreciate their consistent and personalized guidance and support.

What biomedical research or industry are you most interested in?

Fields that interest me most are biomechanics, bioinstrumentation, medical care and STEM cell research.

Have you participated in internships? How have they helped you?

During my time at CU Boulder, I have had the opportunity to work in an image-guided drug delivery and radiation therapy lab. That research gave me perspective and experience for both my major and possible future aspirations.

Additionally, I interned at the BOLD Center and served as an engineering fellow, peer mentor, and teaching assistant. Each role has allowed me to remain an active member of the inclusive community at CU Boulder.

How has BMES impacted your time at CU?

BMES has helped me grow my effective teamwork, communication and leadership skills. In all situations during my current and future career, I strive to give back to the community by empowering and validating those around me through inclusion, celebrations of diversity, and by facilitating personal, social and academic growth.

Being an active member of BMES has also given me the opportunity to perpetuate a positive and inclusive community in STEM, which I and others can benefit from.

Where do you see yourself going next? What life goals are you pursuing?

I am hoping to continue my education through medical or graduate school. I am also considering working in industry for a few years to gain experience that will help me fully realize my career goals. My main ambition through it all is to remain excited and passionate about whatever goal I am actively pursuing or working towards.

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