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Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS)

April 12, 2023

We have a number of GVS devices utilized for various research purposes. The GVS devices provide small currents (< 4 mA) to the inner ear, which can modulate both semicircular canal and otolith organ afferents. Some practical applications for this neuromodulation we have investigated include using GVS as an alternative...

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April 11, 2023

We can influence the pressure inside this chamber to be less than or greater than the ambient environment. This allows us to conduct performance testing on gas-pressure space suit components, such as gloves and boots. Additionally, the endcap can be removed to create a lower body positive pressure environment to...

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Sound Booth

April 11, 2023

A single walled isolation chamber to suppress sounds inside and outside of the booth. This equipment is used to assess performance in tasks that are sensitive to external distractions, such as perception threshold testing. It has been used to understand how sensory noise influences perception and cognition.

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Textile Manufacturing

April 11, 2023

We have a manufacturing station which offers industrial grade sewing abilities (Brother CS-6000i, Juki MO-644D Serger, and Brother Z-8550A), weaving equipment, and physical models. The station has been used to create space suit components, sensor alternatives, and experimental garments.



April 11, 2023

Neurophysiological monitoring is being used for a variety of projects to understand an operator's cognitive states, such as trust, workload, or situation awareness. They can also be used to understand one's performance or for health monitoring. We have a suite of sensors ranging from laboratory level to wearables. For neuro...

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

April 11, 2023

Multiple virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) are utilized in the laboratory for various research purposes, such as mocking-up spaceflight habitats and performing operational tasks similar to those we expect astronauts to face. Some of the HMDs include Oculus models (Rift DK2 and Quest) and HTC Vive (gen 1, Vive...

Suite Mod

Spacesuit Mockups

March 23, 2022

Two spacesuit mockups based on NASA's Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU) design are used in the bioastronautics focus area to simulate restrictions crewmembers face in operational environments. The suits were designed and built by the human spaceflight graduate projects team led by former NASA astronaut Colonel Jim Voss and feature...

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Habitats Optimized for Missions of Exploration (HOME)

March 23, 2022

The Habitats Optimized for Missions of Exploration (HOME) mockup was designed and built by the human spaceflight graduate projects team led by former NASA astronaut Colonel Jim Voss. The graduate projects experience includes learning systems engineering design, manufacturing, and human factors testing principles in the context of crewed landers, rovers,...

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March 16, 2022

JANA is a small thermal vacuum chamber that uses heaters and an LN2 cooled shroud inside an 18”x30” bell jar to test components at temperatures ranging from -180°C to +100°C under vacuum levels below 10-5 torr to simulate the space environment. It can also be operated at partial pressures up...

inside tts

Tilt-Translation Sled (TTS)

March 16, 2022

The Tilt-Translation Sled (TTS) is a device donated by the Neuroscience Laboratory of NASA Johnson Space Center. It is capable of administering motions in roll tilt, pitch tilt, X-axis translation, and Y-axis translation. Motion stimuli can be administered in a variety of profiles (i.e. sinusoidal, sigmoidal, etc.) and at various...