Published: April 11, 2023

Neurophysiological monitoring is being used for a variety of projects to understand an operator's cognitive states, such as trust, workload, or situation awareness. They can also be used to understand one's performance or for health monitoring. We have a suite of sensors ranging from laboratory level to wearables. For neuro measurements we havea NirSport fNIRS device and a Neuroelectrics Enobio 32 channel EEG system. For physiological monitoring we have a Biopac MP160 with capabilities for ECG, respiration, and electrodermal activity. We have a suite of wearable sensors including Biosignalplux (fNIRS, EEG, ECG), Empatica E4, and Polar H10. Developments within the lab also include woven ECG electrodes. Finally, we have a Pupil Labs Pupil Core headset which can take eye tracking and pupillometry measurements. We can also utilize these monitoring capabilities under a wide range of scenarios. Some examples may include during physical workloads while on our cycle ergometer and/or at different temperatures within our portable environment chamber.

Neurophys Monitoring

Eye Tracking

Cycle Ergometer