Published: April 11, 2023

Multiple virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) are utilized in the laboratory for various research purposes, such as mocking-up spaceflight habitats and performing operational tasks similar to those we expect astronauts to face. Some of the HMDs include Oculus models (Rift DK2 and Quest) and HTC Vive (gen 1, Vive 2, and Vive 2 Pro Eye). Other equipment which interfaces with VR includes the omni-directional treadmill (KAT VR) and Roto Chair. The KAT VR is a stationary treadmill which allows individuals to move around in VR environments while staying securely in place. This prevents the user from losing their balance or hitting physical hazards while exploring a virtual environment. The Roto VR Chair rotates along the yaw axis, allowing a person to match their angular position being observed in VR. We have used this chair previously to induce vestibulo-ocular illusions. The Microsoft Hololens is also used for research ulizing augmented reality.

VR Subject Headset

VR TreadmillVR Treadmill Subject

Roto ChairRoto Chair Subject