Current Election News

    AY23-24 BFA Fall Elections - Elections for seat vacancies on BFA Standing Committees are held each in September each year.  Other BFA and CU Faculty Council seat vacancies as noted will be included during this time. The nomination and election process for these seats has two phases. See below for details on these phases. Additionally, the annual election of Honor Code Advisory Board faculty takes place at the start of the semester. Please note that if you nominate yourself for more than one committee, you may be elected to multiple committees. Elections are managed through a standard voting process, and the Nominations/Elections committee is unable to adjust outcomes by preference. 

    • Internal - BFA representatives are eligible to self-nominate or be nominated for all standing committee seat vacancies*. BFA representatives vote on nominees via Qualtrics.
      • Internal elections are now complete. Final election results. 
    • External - the remaining committee seat vacancies are opened up to all eligible CU Boulder faculty including BFA Representatives (Who Is Eligible to Nominate & Serve? see box in sidebar). BFA representatives vote on all nominees via Qualtrics.
      • Nominations for external elections are open from September 11-18. Please see the "Call for Nominations" from BFA Secretary Vicki Grove. Interested faculty should self-nominate during that time by emailing
      • Elections - BFA representatives vote on these nominations between September 20-22 via Qualtrics. Results will be announced on September 25th. 
    • Honor Code Advisory Board - BFA representatives are invited to nominate colleagues to serve on the AY23-24 Honor Code Advisory Board (HCAB) between August 28 and September 15th. Nominees must complete the AY23-24 HCAB Statement of Interest  and email it to: bfa@colorado.edy by September 15. The BFA Executive Committee selects the final faculty members by September 18, 2023. 
    • Executive Committee At-Large Representative - 1 seat vacancy open to BFA Assembly representatives. Duties are as noted in the BFA Bylaws Article III. Officers and Executive Committee Members-at-Large Section 6:
      • Executive Committee Members-at-Large shall serve as BFA representatives to the CU Faculty Council and report on their activities to the Assembly and the Executive Committee as needed; and serve on the Nominations & Elections Committee.
    • CU Faculty Council standing committee seat vacancies - Boulder faculty have seats on all CU System Faculty Council standing committees. Nominations and elections for those seats run concurrently with BFA external elections processes. Please see the External Call for Nominations for details on which Faculty Council Committees have seats for Boulder faculty. For questions, contact BFA Secretary Vicki Grove at:


    BFA 2024 Spring At-Large Assembly Representative Elections 

    Elections for BFA Assembly At-Large Representatives occur each year during February and March. Assembly At-Large Representative seats are open to all eligible campus faculty and are voted on by the full faculty senate. See Becoming a Member for more information on what is entailed in serving as a BFA At-large Assembly representative. All terms are for three years.  Non-A&S units include: Leeds School of Business, College of Engineering, College of Media, Communication, and Information (CMCI), CU Law, School of Education, Campus Libraries, Environmental Design, and the College of Music. 2023 At-Large Assembly Representative voting dates:


    Spring 2023 BFA Officer Elections

    BFA Assembly members have elected Shelly Miller, Mechanical Engineering as the next BFA Chair. Shelly's two-year term begins on July 1, 2023 and ends on June 30, 2025. Please see Shelly's nomination statement below:

    I have been a professor at CU Boulder since 1998. One of my goals is to contribute to the university as an academic leader. My skills for The BFA Chair position include a strong collaborative interest and ability, effective listener and communicator, leadership style that is more giving than taking, ability to guide a team and keep things on track while allowing everyone to feel like they can contribute. I am passionate about justice, equality, and diversity, and committed to mentoring. My relevant experience within the University includes serving as the Secretary of the BFA and as a member of the BFA Executive Committee. I served as a member of the Academic Futures committee. I participated in the University of Colorado’s Excellence in Leadership Program. From 2019-2021 I worked in the Office of Faculty Affairs as the Faculty Director for Professional Development.


    Shelly Miller, PhD
    Professor Mechanical Engineering
    Environmental Engineering Program
    University of Colorado Boulder

    Associate Editor Environmental Science & Technology