Published: Nov. 7, 2022

Old main Flatirons FallThe Common Curriculum Planning committee submitted their final proposal to Provost Moore on October 7, 2022 for review. Campus faculty in each college and school* as well as BFA Representatives will vote by November 18, 2022 to approve the proposal.

**Update November 7, 2022**

Following the BFA October 20, 2022 presentation by Katherine Eggert, Sr. Vice Provost of Academic Planning and Assessment and Daryl Joji Maeda, Dean and Vice Provost Undergraduate Education, the "whereas" section of the resolution was modified based on member feedback to:

Be it resolved that the Boulder Faculty Assembly endorses the substance of the proposed common curriculum, particularly its statement regarding the purpose and distinctive nature of a CU Boulder education. Be it further resolved that implementation of the common curriculum shall be led by faculty at all stages, with the ultimate establishment of a permanent campuswide curriculum committee chaired by faculty and with a majority-faculty composition. The BFA further encourages departments and programs to proactively update their learning outcomes and curricular statements in light of the common curriculum and its guiding ethos of “Sustainable Futures: Self, Society, World.” 

The final resolution was voted on at the November 3, 2022 BFA Assembly meeting and was approved with 43 votes in favor; 3 abstentions; and 6 opposed. Please see related resources and a links below:


*CU Law will not be voting since the measure is for schools that teach undergraduate students