arctic open water

Arctic open-water periods are projected to lengthen dramatically by 2100, UM study

June 15, 2021

The Arctic open-water season is projected to lengthen by 2100, with a strong impact of future emission scenarios. For each 1 °C of warming, the open-water period increases by 1 months. That means that under the strong CMIP6 warming scenario, the projected open-water period exceeds 6 months for most of the Arctic by 2100.

polar vortex

Intercomparison of Middle Atmospheric Meteorological Analyses for the Northern Hemisphere Winter 2009-2010

June 15, 2021

An inter-comparison of four high-top whole atmosphere data assimilation models shows generally larger differences in the mesosphere compared to in the stratosphere.

arctic gateway map

Arctic Ocean Freshwater in CMIP6 Ensembles: Declining Sea Ice, Increasing Ocean Storage and Export

June 15, 2021

We analyzed Arctic Ocean freshwater in a subset of CMIP6 models and found that most disagree with late 20th century observations, but by the end of the 21st century, as Arctic sea ice disappears, all show a decline in solid storage and fluxes while ocean storage and export generally increase.


Mckenzie Dice receives the GPSG Teaching Excellence Award

May 18, 2021

Please join ATOC in congratulating graduate student Mckenzie Dice for receiving the Graduate Professional Student Government Teaching Excellence Award.

Jan Lenaerts

Jan Lenaerts Receives the Graduate School’s Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

April 28, 2021

Please join ATOC in congratulating Assistant Professor Jan Lenaerts for receiving the Graduate School’s Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award. This award recognizes Dr. Lenaerts's outstanding graduate student advising and mentoring as a research advisor for several graduate students.

Sydney Kramer

Young adults' relocations are reshaping political geography

April 25, 2021

Colorado was the third most popular place for young adults to relocate to since 2015, gaining more than 20,000 new young adults from elsewhere each year, according to Frey's analysis of early census data.

wildfire smoke

Persistent Stratospheric Warming Due to 2019–2020 Australian Wildfire Smoke

April 23, 2021

Australian wildfires burning from December 2019 to January 2020 injected approximately 0.9 Tg of smoke into the stratosphere; this is the largest amount observed in the satellite era.

polar ice

Frozen in Ice, Frozen in Time

April 23, 2021

When the sea ice shifted beneath him, sending a crack straight between his two feet, Matthew Shupe didn’t panic.


Potential Influences of Volcanic Eruptions on Future Global Land Monsoon Precipitation Changes

April 2, 2021

Future climate projections generally omit major volcanic eruptions but such events are likely to be important. In this work Dr. Man and colleagues show that projections of monsoon rainfall are importantly impacted by eruptions and could delay the time of emergence of anthropogenic influence by five years on average over about 60% of the GLM area.


Upper Ocean Temperatures Hit Record High in 2020

April 2, 2021

Ocean heat content reached a maximum observed level in 2020, driven by the continual human-driven warming of the climate system.