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 WordPress, Podcasting, Kubi, Zoom, Wikipedia, Facbook Live, Perusall, G Suite, Qualtrics, Screencasting The Teaching Technology Assistance Program (TTAP) helps faculty implement new technologies into their courses. Student Fellows are undergraduate students who are comfortable using, and teaching others to use, a variety of technologies, including podcasting software, WordPress, Google Maps, and Facebook. They provide technical support to both faculty members and students so that instructors can focus on teaching the course content and students can concentrate on learning.

The Student Fellows are trained to consult with faculty to understand their needs. They provide suggestions and/or recommendations about technologies that support faculty members' teaching preferences, students' learning styles, and the structure of courses. Student Fellows also work closely with instructors to determine what type of support best suits their and their students' needs. 

First and foremost, Student Fellows ensure that classroom technology works as intended. They support students in a number of ways including: 

  • Walking around the room to answer questions as the instructor is presenting.
  • Presenting the technology to the class.
  • Developing help resources and tutorials for students to refer to outside of class.
  • Providing face-to-face, web conferencing, "office hours," email support, or help sessions for students outside of class.

A Student Fellow's role differs from that of a teaching, graduate, or learning assistant. Their main priority is to provide faculty and students with short-term, just-in-time support for a technology being introduced. The Student Fellows: 

  • do not provide grading, exam proctoring, or substitute teaching.
  • may have limited availability during midterms and finals -- they are students first.
  • are scheduled to work based on their course schedule.
  • are only able to attend class sessions that require technical assistance.

If you have a special request that extends beyond these guidelines, contact us. We are happy to determine the best level of support for you and your students!

Here are examples past partnerships with faculty to integrate technology into their courses and support students:


Student Feedback

"[The Student Fellow] is awesome. I spent a hour with her when I was trying to complete blog 5. She sat down with me and went through everything step by step."

"... I've never had someone so available to get in touch with for assignments similar to this or any other and it was extremely helpful."

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