Student Technology Consultants are undergraduate staff members who are interested in academic technologies and are comfortable with teaching others how to use them. They partner with faculty and students in several ways to improve the College of Arts & Science’s undergraduate student experience through the use of technology.

Through the Technology Integration Program, Student Technology Consultants work with faculty who are interested in integrating technology into their courses. They are available to consult with the faculty member in order to provide the most effective assistance both in and out of the classroom. This might include training for the instructor and/or teaching assistants, online or in-person support for students, as well as in-class support for introducing the new technology. 

Student Technology Consultants are also trained to collect observational data for the Visualizing Instructional Practices Services (VIPS), which provides faculty an opportunity to reflect on their teaching with a visual representation of their classroom teaching data. 

Finally, Student Technology Consultants also provide general technology consultations for faculty, outside of class. This includes how to use a technology, investigating what kinds of tools are available, and determining what tools are the best fit.

How you can partner with us

Contact us if you’re interested in partnering with a Student Technology Consultant by requesting a consultation or by phone at 303-735-3813.


Student Technology Consultants

PhotoNameContact Information
Ava Rehbeck Headshot Ava Rehbeck
Student Technology Consultant
Jacob Clauson Headshot Jacob Clauson
Student Technology Consultant
Matthew Fishbein Headshot Matthew Fishbein
Educational Technology Consultant
Em Jessee Headshot Em Jessee
Student Technology Consultant Manager (GA)

Students as Pedagogical Consultants

PhotoNameContact Information
Aneesh Waikar Headshot Aneesh Waikar
Student as Pedagogical Partner
Justin Dasher Headshot Justin Dasher
Student as Pedagogical Partner
Abi Horton Headshot Abi Horton
Student as Pedagogical Partner