Schedule a Consultation

The ASSETT team is available for one-on-one and small-group consultations that are tailored to the unique needs of faculty, courses, and programs. Our services are designed to help you teach more efficiently and effectively with tools suited to your comfort level, learning objectives, and technical expertise. Bring us a specific problem, question, or idea you want to address, or come in for a brainstorming session to develop creative and innovative strategies to enhance your course.

Consultations may be scheduled on a one-time or recurring basis, according to your needs and interest. To schedule an initial consultation, email us at

Teaching and Learning

  • Best practices to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

  • Transforming a face-to-face course to a flipped, hybrid, or online format.

  • Integrating technology into your classes to increase teaching effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Active learning strategies to maximize learning and promote student engagement.

Universal Design for Learning

  • Optimizing the learning experience for everyone.

  • Creating an inclusive classroom environment by proactively addressing the needs of diverse students.

  • Providing flexibility and options for how students demonstrate their knowledge, participate in class, and engage with course material and activities.


  • Discussing a variety of assessment strategies that best meets your teaching and learning needs.

  • Providing expertise around analysis of student work.

ASSETT staff have extensive pedagogical knowledge, including experience designing, developing, teaching, and assessing face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses. Each of us holds an advanced degree, with specializations ranging from educational technology, educational media, instructional design, and cognitive science to academic disciplines including psychology and geography.