Sudings group on Niwot ridge

Longer growing season could transform the tundra

June 11, 2021

Warming temperatures are causing plants across alpine and arctic environments to stay green longer and reproduce earlier, scientists find.


Rita S. Weiss, speech language pathologist, dies at 99

June 8, 2021

Rita S. Weiss, a University of Colorado speech and language pathology professor who developed a special program to improve language development in young schoolchildren, died May 29, 2021, in Boulder.

Antiracism course

Team’s anti-racism course allows thousands to ‘engage with their identity’

June 8, 2021

Anti-racism I and II are available free of charge to any CU Boulder student or employee through Coursera.

Grad hats

Researchers find optimal way to pay off student loans

June 4, 2021

CU Boulder mathematicians created a novel mathematical model and found that a mixture of repayment strategies might be best—depending on how much is borrowed and how much income the borrower has.

A man running in the road

Eating a Western diet? It’s smart to get moving

May 26, 2021

Lifelong aerobic exercise could prevent vascular dysfunction in mice, even those who don’t eat well, CU Boulder research suggests.

CU Boulder Campus

CU Boulder announces Center for African and African American Studies

May 20, 2021

CU Boulder Provost Russell Moore announced today the university has established the Center for African and African American Studies, or CAAAS, (also called “the Cause”) to support teaching and research on the history and culture of people of African descent.

Jadd Tank demonstrates Ellsworth's "over-the-counter counter-terrorism" protocol for avoiding surveillance (protocol No. 5: hiding in furniture) in her performance of "Clytigation" at the Chocolate Factory in November, 2015.

Dancer views her art, in part, through the lens of fake rocks

May 20, 2021

Michelle Ellsworth, recently named a college professor of distinction, discusses the intersection of technology, ancient thinkers and language.

St. Augustine of Hippo

If you think free will has always been a given, think again

May 20, 2021

Robert C. Pasnau, college professor of distinction, outlines the historical rise of and subsequent challenges to the concept of human will.

David Shneer

New public scholarship fund honors late historian David Shneer

May 19, 2021

Eileen and Richard Greenberg created the fund to continue the late scholar’s life’s work.

Comic strip

CU Boulder anthropologist wins support for Indigenous history comics

May 14, 2021

Museum Curator Jennifer Shannon garners fellowship to ‘deploy the humanities for the public good’.