Seeing the art at last

Oct. 1, 2009

Keeping an extensive collection of great art in storage is like having Stokowski conduct Beethoven in an empty concert hall. It’s a missed opportunity. Soon, the University of Colorado will have the space to connect its great art with people who savor it. The CU Art Museum has an impressive...

Daniel Howrigan

Survival of the funniest

Oct. 1, 2009

Did humor evolve as a sign of mental fitness? Potential friends and mates flock to funny people. Many a grim, solitary soul can vouch for that. But the possibility that humor evolved in humans as a sign of mental fitness—and a way to increase reproductive success—finds support from a University...

Hank Brown stands behind members of his class, donors and alums in the U.S. Capitol. The trip was part of the curriculum of the former CU president's political science course.

Mr. Brown goes back to Washington, this time to teach

June 1, 2009

After spending 16 years as a member of Congress (both in the House, and Senate), former University of Colorado President Hank Brown knows his way around Capitol Hill. It is that wealth of knowledge and experience that Brown brings to “Icons of the American Republic,” a course that was first...

Members and fans of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph project watch the space shuttle Atlantis lift off at the COS launch party at a lab on CU-Boulder's East Campus.

A worthy COS

June 1, 2009

University helped design and build now-orbiting Cosmic Origins Spectrograph Feb. 1, 2003, changed everything. Not only was it a disastrous loss for the friends and family of the astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia, which disintegrated as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, but it also dramatically changed the course of NASA...

Young goths, shown here in Australia, are known for their dark clothing and demeanor. Photo courtesy of Johnny Barker (

Goth and Christian ‘intimacy talk’

March 1, 2009

Surprising similarities between divergent groups, but old stereotypes persist, researcher says Though they express their sexuality in starkly different ways, evangelical Christian men and goth men share a startling amount of common ground in their “intimacy talk,” which in both cases tends to emphasize intimacy, vulnerability and respect for women...

Susan Kent

Aftershocks of World War I

March 1, 2009

They are instructive today, historian says World War I shattered the people and the collective psyche of Great Britain, but the war’s end did not stop the strife or suffering. Between 1918 and 1931, the shell-shocked people and their nation sought to regain a sense of order through repression and...

Margaret Murnane and Henry Kapteyn

The lab with X-ray vision

March 1, 2009

Collaborating couple pursues next generation of lasers When the first functioning laser was unveiled in 1960, people had no idea it would be used for surgery, let alone in bar-code readers and CD players. Experts speculated that the new device might be used to peel potatoes or to erase typing...

Matthew Keller

An evolutionary paradox:

March 1, 2009

Genes increasing risk for mental disorders should have been weeded out of the gene pool. Why haven’t they been? Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental disorders usually appear by the time the sufferers are in their reproductive prime, and these people typically have fewer offspring (the currency of natural selection)...

New clues on how kids think

Dec. 1, 2008

For parents who have found themselves repeating the same warnings or directions to their toddler over and over to no avail, new research from the University of Colorado at Boulder offers them an answer as to why their toddlers don’t listen to their advice: they’re just storing it away for...