Oxford Handbook

The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory

Dec. 15, 2016

The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory is set at the intersection of political theory and environmental politics, yet with broad engagement across the environmental social sciences and humanities, this Handbook illustrates, defines, and challenges the field of environmental political theory (EPT)

The Edge

The Edge: The War against Cheating and Corruption in the Cutthroat World of Elite Sports

Oct. 20, 2016

Both entertaining and thought-provoking, The Edge not only visits the battlefields in the war against cheating and corruption, but also explores ways to ensure that “the spirit of sport” can survive in today’s high-tech, highly professional world.

Civil Rights Music: The Soundtracks of the Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Music: The Soundtracks of the Civil Rights Movement

While there have been a number of studies that have explored African American “movement culture” and African American “movement politics,” rarely has the mixture of black music and black politics or, rather, black music an as expression of black movement politics, been explored across several genres of African American “movement music.


Provenance by Paul M. Levitt

Sept. 1, 2016

A new book by English professor Paul M. Levitt. Set in Hungamon (aka Bogalusa), Louisiana 1988-89, Provenance takes the reader through progressive historical discoveries to the sources of a Hungarian painting that escaped the grasping fingers of Nazis and Communists, and to the secrets of two families, one Jewish, the owners of the Hungarian painting, and the other gentile, the owners of an American painting, which hides a dark tale.

Marjorie McIntosh working with books

Latino history book set to be released on Tuesday

March 7, 2016

A new book set chronicles the lives and contributions of Latinos in Boulder County. It also explores darker chapters in the county’s past, including the presence of the Ku Klux Klan and businesses posting “White Trade Only” signs that were ripped down by veterans returning from World War II and the Korean War.

Alchemy in the Rain Forest Cover

Alchemy in the Rain Forest

Feb. 17, 2016

Politics, Ecology, and Resilience in a New Guinea Mining Area By Jerry Jacka, assistant professor of anthropology Duke University Press In Alchemy in the Rain Forest Jerry K. Jacka explores how the indigenous population of Papua New Guinea’s highlands struggle to create meaningful lives in the midst of extreme social...

Forensic Plant Science book cover

Have a crime to solve? Profs pen a book to help

Jan. 28, 2016

Two longtime University of Colorado Boulder professors who have been using their expertise for decades to help solve crimes, often murder, have teamed up on a new forensic plant science book expected to aid investigators around the world.