Published: Sept. 18, 2018 By

Five professors in the College of Arts and Sciences have won the 2018 Provost’s Faculty Achievement Award.

The award, which is presented to up to six selected faculty members annually, recognizes professors who have made recent advances in their respective fields, whether that be publications or creative contributions. This year’s awardees from the College of Arts and Sciences include:

  • Xiaodong Liu, an associate professor in economics, was recognized for his work exploring peer network effects, which have both methodological and practical implications for the field and general public.
  • Jennifer Kay, an assistant professor in atmospheric and oceanic sciences and a fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, was selected for her work creating a model for distinguishing between “normal” climate change and variations caused by external factors such as carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels.
  • David Pyrooz, an assistant professor in sociology, was recognized for his research on gang membership and domestic terrorism, which has clear policy implications for the justice department, which helped fund the research.
  • Heather Lewandowski, an associate professor in physics, was selected for her extensive science education research over the previous five years, which has affected more than 50,000 students at 158 universities.
  • Antje Richter, an associate professor of Chinese, was recognized for the impact of her two recent books—Letters and Epistolary Culture in Early Medieval China and A History of Chinese Letters and Epistolary Culture—on opening up new areas of research within Chinese culture

There are two different sets of awards offered by the Provost’s Faculty Achievement Awards: one aimed at the work and promise of junior faculty and one to the accomplishments of recently tenured associate professors.

Winners of both sets of awards are determined through an extensive nomination process, beginning with the Office of Faculty Affairs generating a list of eligible faculty from nominees. The associate vice chancellor then convenes a campus-level convocation awards committee, composed of tenured faculty members from across the University of Colorado Boulder campus, which reviews the list and makes final decisions.

Winners receive a $1,000 research or creative work grant and a plaque recognizing their achievement. This year, those plaques will be presented by the provost at the fall convocation event on Oct. 5 at 1:30 p.m. in the Center for British and Irish Studies in Norlin Library.