Published: Oct. 6, 2014

The body of a patient who passed away in Guinea is given back to the family for their funeral after being decontaminated by a team from Doctors Without Borders. Photo Amandine Colin/MSF

“Ebola: Contagion and Quarantine” is the focus of the next Social Sciences Today Forum at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The event, featuring three experts, is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 14, at 6:30 p.m. in Hale Science 270 on the CU-Boulder campus.

Three members of the CU-Boulder social science faculty will speak about Ebola for about 10 minutes each and then answer questions. The panelists are:

Ann Carlos, professor of economics

Darna Dufour, professor of anthropology

Megan Shannon, assistant professor of political science

The Social Sciences Today Forum, a monthly series, is designed to help the public gain broader perspectives and deeper understanding of human society and how individuals relate to the community and one another.

Ebola, a viral disease now causing the largest epidemic in its history, is such a topic. Ebola, which is fatal in about half of diagnosed cases, has struck multiple countries in West Africa.

During the last year, the Social Sciences Today Forum has focused on aging, “language wars,” inequality, immigration, natural disasters and “outsourcing.” This forum brings the knowledge and expertise of social science faculty to the greater community and allows the community to ask questions of leading scholars.

The Hale Science building is highlighted in this campus map.