The following information regarding guidelines, title descriptions and job codes, background checks and process is for any staff member who has a temporary appointment.


General information pertaining to temporary positions can be found on the Campus Human Resources website.

Title Descriptions & Job Codes

There are two job codes available for hiring a temporary staff employee:

Professional Temporary (University Staff)

Job Code: 2582


  • Professional Temporary positions are responsible for exercising discretion, analytical skill, personal accountability, and responsibility in a wide range of areas including academic, administrative and managerial, and student services functions.
  • Work typically involves creating, integrating, applying, and sharing knowledge directly related to a professional field and typically would require at least a bachelor's degree to successfully perform the work assignment.
  • Professional Temporary appointments are not eligible for health benefits, merit salary increases, performance awards, retirement or leave accruals. 

The Professional Temporary (University Staff) job code 2582 is used if any one of the following is true:

  • Work performed is professional in nature and meets the criteria above.
  • Position is an Executive Assistant reporting to an Officer (as defined in Regent Policy, e.g., Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, Dean, Provost).
  • Position is 100% funded from grants, gifts, student fees, or auxiliaries.

Length of Appointment

The length of a Temporary University Staff appointment (2582) may not exceed a period of 12 months. After 12 months they must stop working and cannot begin another 12 month temporary appointment until after a break of 13 pay periods (approximately six months) has passed.

Temporary Aide (Classified Staff)


  • The Temporary Aide job code describes work for a variety of assignments performed under close supervision and in support of programs, events, or projects.
  • The Temporary Aide job code should be used for non-professional work (work that does not meet the definition of Professional Temporary as outlined above).
  • Because of the temporary nature of this position, Temporary Aides are not eligible for benefits (except those required by law), salary survey increases, leave accruals or performance awards.

The Temporary Aide (Classified Staff) job code P1A1XX is used if none of the above Professional Temporary criteria applies.

Length of Appointment

As required by state personnel rules, Temporary Aide Classified appointments cannot exceed nine months in a rolling 12-month period. The 12-month period is counted from the appointment start date.

Background Checks

Per the Background Check Policy found on the University of Colorado website, a background check must be conducted for all final applicants, unless a criminal history check has been conducted within the previous three years.

The date in which the most recent background check was processed is found in "HCM" in Personal Information on the "CU Personal Data" tab.

Process to Fill Temporary Staff Position

Temporary Authorization

  • Unit to consult with the College of Arts and Sciences' Personnel Coordinator regarding initial direction.
  • Due to COVID-19, units may need to submit the Hiring Approval 2020 form per Campus HR guidelines. This form needs to be submitted and completed before the AAF/MOU (below).
  • Hiring Approval 2020 Form – Routing
    • Section D
      • Department Chair/Director or Designee: Unit Chair or Director email
      • Officer Approval (Dean, Assoc Vice Chancellor/Vice Provost, Vice Chancellor, or Designee):
  • Unit will submit background check request, if necessary, to and include the following:
    • Candidate Name;
    • Candidate Email; and
    • Job Title.
  • Unit to submit Action Authorization Form & Memorandum of Understanding (AAF/MOU) form electronically, which will be automatically sent to the following:
    • College of Arts and Sciences' Assistant Dean for Administration (sign)
    • Department Chair or Director (sign)
    • Program Coordinator (copy)
    • College of Arts and Sciences' Finance and Accounting Professional (copy)
    • College of Arts & Sciences Human Resources (copy)

Position Number

  • Unit to send completed AAF/MOU and Hiring Approval 2020 form to and collect new position number.