Remote and hybrid work agreements should be reviewed at least on an annual basis for applicability both from an employee and supervisor perspective. If the arrangement is not working, the agreement can be modified or revoked.

Remote Work Approval Form will be drafted by managers and employees and sent to for review by the college. Requested deviations from the agreed upon telecommuting schedule must be relayed to and approved by the employee’s supervisor. Note: If a permanent change is requested and approved, a new agreement should be routed for internal approvals and final signatures.

The request may be referred to outside resources if related to Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Please see section VI for related links.

Additionally, the college will assess success of remote and hybrid work by requesting feedback from managers, supervisors and employees each semester. This will provide necessary information for the college to continue to evolve this pilot guidance as we continue to develop the future of work in a hybrid and remote environment.