The College of Arts and Sciences maintains a strong commitment to the principles of merit-based evaluation and salary equity.   

Academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences are expected to have a grievance process articulated in departmental bylaws to include the makeup of the departmental grievance committee.  

Non-Salary Grievance 

The Professional Rights and Duties of Faculty Members describe the professional standards faculty members are expected to maintain and provides a mechanism for addressing allegations that a faculty member has failed to meet those standards. 

Information pertaining to the campus policy can be found on the Faculty Relations website

Salary Grievance 

If a regular A&S faculty member (TT or Teaching / Clinical Professor) has cause to petition that their current base salary is not equitable within their own department / program / unit, then they have the right to file a grievance – following the guidelines of their home unit and the campus. 

Salary equity appeals submitted by the faculty member for consideration by the primary unit must be filed in the fall for resolutions during that academic year. 

For information on the College's salary equity appeal process, please see the A&S Salary Equity Appeal Process document. 

Information pertaining to the Arts and Sciences Grievance Committee can be found on their website

Provost’s Grievance Procedure 

The Provost’s Grievance Procedure may be used only in special circumstances. Information pertaining to the Provost's Grievance Procedure is available on the Office of Faculty Affairs website

Faculty Senate Grievance Process 

This policy is enacted under the authority provided by Article 5.C.3 of the Laws of the Regents