The following policy principles apply to the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Support Program effective July 1, 2020. The Faculty Support Program will annually provide up to $1,500 per FTE to eligible faculty to support their professional activities, teaching, research and creative work.

Policy Principles

(Revised August, 2020)

The following criteria are used to determine eligibility and the amount of funding provided to each faculty.

  1. To be eligible faculty must tenured or tenure track faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, on the college's personnel roster with their salary paid by college.
  2. Faculty who have a TBE (Tenured Budgeted Elsewhere) appointment are not eligible.
    1. Example: Professor Z is tenured in Physics with a primary appointment and salary budgeted in an institute. Professor Z is not eligible for the Faculty Support Program.
  3. Faculty on a terminal contract are not eligible.
  4. Faculty on Leave Without Pay are not eligible.
  5. A maximum of $1,500 per FTE will be provided annually to eligible faculty.
    1. Funding is proportionate to the percent appointment. A 100% appointment (1.0 FTE) is eligible for up to $1,500. A 50% appointment (.5 FTE) is eligible for up to $750.
  6. An individual must have less than $1,500 in their $XQK speedtype to be eligible to receive funds.
    1. Individual faculty with a balance less than $1,500 are eligible to receive an amount that will result in a total balance in their $XQK speedtype of no more than $1,500.
    2. Example: Professor Y has an $800 unobligated balance in her $XQK speedtype. Professor Y is eligible to receive $700.
  7. Faculty with a balance of in their $XQK speedtype of $1,500 or greater are not eligible to receive funds.
    1. Example: Professor X has accumulated a $3,200 balance of Faculty Support Program funds in his $XQK speedtype. Professor X is not eligible to receive an annual allocation.
    2. Existing balances greater than $1,500 will remain with individual faculty in their $XQK speedtype.
  8. Eligible faculty will receive funding irrespective of other university funds they may have available to them, including funds in sponsored grants and contracts.
  9. Eligible faculty will have a designated speedtype ($XQK) for Faculty Support Program funds.
    1. The $XQK speedtype is only used for Faculty Support Funds provided by the College of Arts and Sciences. No comingling of funds should occur in the $XQK speedtype. Faculty Support Program funds cannot be transferred out of the $XQK speedtype to another speedtype. Funds other than Faculty Support Funds should not be transferred into the $XQK speedtype.
  10. To determine annual eligibility, the College of Arts and Sciences' Budget Office will use faculty appointment data on the college roster after the academic year begins.
  11. The Budget Office will transfer funds to individual faculty $XQK speedtypes after the Campus Controllers Office has completed the prior fiscal year accounting, which occurs in late July. The college will transfer funds to faculty no later than the end of September.
  12. For faculty who depart the college before the close of the academic year, the allocation will be adjusted in proportion to the length of their appointment.
  13. When faculty leave the University or there are no longer holding a eligible Tenure, Tenure-Track appointment in the College of Arts and Sciences, the remaining positive balance in their $XQK speedtype will be returned to the college. The department is responsible for clearing a negative balance.
  14. The continuation of this program is contingent upon the availability of funds in the College of Arts and Sciences' annual budget.

Questions & Answers

The College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Support Program annually provides $1,500 per FTE to eligible Arts and Sciences faculty.

Funds are provided to support faculty professional activities, teaching, research and creative work. The use of the funds must be in accordance with University procurement policies.

The college has allocated funds received from the campus enrollment incentive budget to fund the program. These funds are made possible by enrollment growth in College of Arts and Sciences and improved student retention numbers.

The college will transfer the funds to a unique speedtype for each faculty. The speedtype will have the title $XQK and the last name of the faculty. The college will establish a $XQK speedtype for faculty who are eligible.

The balance of funds (positive or negative) will remain with individual faculty and carry-over to the next fiscal year.

No. Other type of funds are not considered in determining eligibility.

The available balance at the end of the fiscal year (June 30) will be used to determine the amount individual faculty are eligible to receive.

No. You will not receive an allocation. $1,500 is the maximum balance allowed in the $XQK speedtype.

The funds will be transferred to faculty $XQK speedtypes before the end of September.

The college annually evaluates the ability to continue the program based on the college budget and availability of funds.