The College has established the Instructor Travel Fund to provide travel related financial support for Instructors and Senior Instructors that are rostered in the College of Arts and Sciences. The college will provide funds to reimburse a department for approved expenditures associated with instructor travel to a conference, event, or training program. The funds are intended to support instructor attended activities that enhance the academic mission of the department and college.

Funds Provided

The program provides up to $600 for domestic travel or $800 for international travel. Instructors are eligible for funding for one trip per fiscal year. This program will reimburse a department for approved travel expenses. The program does not provide payments or reimbursements to individuals.

Reimbursement Process

The College will transfer funds to reimburse approved travel expenses the department has incurred. The transfer will occur after expenses have been fully paid and transactions posted in the CU financial system. The program provides General Funds (fund type 10) to reimburse expenses. Funds will be transferred to the department fund 10 speedtype that was used to pay the expenses.

Request Process

Requests for Instructor Travel Funds should be made in advance of travel. To request approval for funding submit the following via email to Steph Preo at Steph.Preo@Colorado.edu:

  1. Conference/event name, provide url of event information if available;
  2. Purpose of the trip (presentation, participation, training, etc.);
  3. Travel to where (city and state/country);
  4. Dates of travel;
  5. Department speedtype used to pay travel expenses; and
  6. Approval to travel from the department/supervisor (email approval is sufficient).

Effective July 2021