Published: Nov. 1, 2017

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

  • All ROSTERED faculty including Instructors, Senior Instructors with multi-year appointments totaling 50% or more
  • Faculty who will be retiring during the next academic year if a recommendation is received from the Chair

Who is not eligible to participate in the program?

  • Emeritus faculty
  • Lecturers and instructors who are not on the continuing roster
  • Faculty denied tenure, reappointment
  • Faculty not returning in the fall

Who keeps track of who is eligible and when?

  • OIT keeps a database
  • Department Contact person should monitor as well
  • Encourage purchase during eligible year – no guarantee that eligibility can be rolled into the next year

Who keeps track of the purchases?

  • The OIT FCPP team: Bruce Fast and Dan Herrick; email at
  • Purchases should be made using a PO first and a Procurement Card only if necessary
  • No Personal Credit Cards! (Won’t be reimbursed.)

Who processes the reimbursement?

  • OIT processes the reimbursement

How often and how much is reimbursable?
See OIT website Faculty Computer Purchase Program | OIT

  • Presently on an every four years cycle
  • Maximum of $1,200 reimbursable
  • Must get prior approval for purchase from Bruce Fast if they do not purchase a “recommended” system

Note that the computer DOES NOT belong to the faculty person; it is University property

  • This is a “replacement” program; not intended for the purchase of that first computer
  • One of the goals of the program is to downstream replaced computers to others as needed
  • The use of personal funds to help pay for FCPP computers is NOT possible; equipment remains CU property