The Buffalo Battalion’s training program focuses on training Cadets in basic military skills and leadership. Our emphasis is to train students to be leaders in the Army, with a major goal of training our Cadets to excel at the Leaders Development and Assessment Course. Ultimately we want them to excel as leaders within the Army’s Officer Corps. The classroom curriculum develops a Cadet’s leadership abilities by instilling the necessary values and attributes required of Army Leaders. During our Leadership Laboratory, Cadets will learn the basics of marching, individual movement techniques, land navigation, small unit tactics, and marksmanship. We believe this provides the foundation for building competent and confident leaders for our great Army.

Our program also offers additional training opportunities (such as a field training exercise (FTX) each semester and a Ranger Challenge competition) outside of the CU-Boulder campus.

“These Army training courses are offered for Cadets on a voluntary basis. They are designed to challenge our mental and physical endurance and toughness. If you think you have what it takes, I highly encourage you to volunteer.”

After graduation, the men and women of today’s Army possess impressive skills and credentials that also make them valued employees in the civilian marketplace. Some of these skills and credentials include:

  • Effective leadership and management skills
  • Accomplished oral and written communications skills
  • Superior problem-solving skills
  • Meticulous organizational skills
  • Military life attracts and instills substantial value-added qualities:
    • Discipline, Commitment, Loyalty, Resourcefulness, Respect
  • Plus it instills the value of:
    • Teamwork, Diversity, A drug-free lifestyle