The Army ROTC course curriculum cuts across traditional subject boundaries. It involves elements of various disciplines and encourages students to integrate academic training with the problem-solving and decision-making challenges they will encounter as junior officers in the Army of the 21st century. Field exercises, guest speakers, and specialized military training supplement the formal curriculum.

Involves taking one elective class per semester during your first two years of college. You’ll learn basic military skills and the fundamentals of leadership. Here, you begin laying the foundations of your career as an Army officer. A leadership lab is included with the ROTC classes.

There is no military obligation for taking the Army ROTC Basic Course (unless you apply for and receive an Army ROTC scholarship).

Are you a sophomore, junior, or senior and think it’s too late to join ROTC?
Not the case at all…if you have at least 4 semesters of college remaining (including Graduate School) you can still join the program! You would need to attend the Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET), which is a 4-week course conducted at Fort Knox, KY. You will learn the same skills and fundamentals of military science, leadership, values, and ethics taught in the Basic Course classes and you will be ready to begin the Advanced Course when you return to college.  Contact us, if you would like more information.

Involves taking one elective class per semester, and attending the Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) between your junior and senior year of college. Entering the Advanced Course requires a commitment to serve as an officer in the U.S. Army after you graduate. In this course, you will learn advanced military tactics and gain experience in team organization, planning, and decision-making. CLC is a four-week summer course conducted at Fort Knox, KY, which evaluates and trains all Army ROTC Cadets. Advanced course students must have completed the basic course or equivalent and obtain permission from the Professor of Military Science.

Upon graduation, Cadets are commissioned as a Second Lieutenant (2LT) and will enter the Army, the Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard in one of the 16 basic Army branches. The new Second Lieutenants will then attend the Basic Officer Leadership course (BOLC) to learn the specific skills required for their assigned branch. The length of BOLC is branch specific, but is approximately 4-6 months long. After graduation from BOLC, the new Second Lieutenants are off to their first duty assignment and the experience of a lifetime.

Take the Challenge!

Officers in today’s Army possess impressive skills and credentials that make them a valuable commodity in either the military or the civilian marketplace.

Some of these skills and credentials include:

  • Effective leadership and management skills
  • Accomplished oral and written communications skills
  • Superior problem-solving skills
  • Meticulous organizational skills
  • An instilled sense of values such as:
    • Discipline, Commitment, Loyalty, Resourcefulness, Respect, Teamwork, and Dedication
  • Other positive characteristics include:
    • A drug-free lifestyle and the ability to contribute in a diverse work environment