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The CU Astronomy Club aims to explore the wonders of the universe via group discourse, esteemed guest speakers, Dark Sky Trips, events and more!

We meet in person* every Friday during the Fall and Spring semester from 4-6pm. By default, we meet in the Fiske Planetarium.

Our primary means of communication is via email (, and we encourage you to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat @cuastronomyclub! 

Sign up for email updates, including our weekly location, here:

*Normally. Right now all meetings are virtual due to Coronavirus.


We also have three voluntary committees which anyone interested can join: Media, Events, and Observation.

  • Media Committee runs our social media, emails, takes photos, makes videos, posters, and more! 
  • Events Committee plans and hosts events for club members and shares the wonders of astronomy with others via Dark Sky Trips, observing events, study groups, and more! 
  • Observation Committee allows club members to engage in their own astronomy observations, and committee members are able to use our club telescopes and other equipment for their research!