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The CU Astronomy Club aims to explore the wonders of the universe via group discourse, esteemed guest speakers, Dark Sky Trips, events and more!

We meet in person* every Friday during the Fall and Spring semester from 4-6pm. By default, we meet in the Fiske Planetarium.

Our primary means of communication is via email (, and we encourage you to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat @cuastronomyclub! 

Sign up for email updates, including our weekly location, here:

*Normally. Right now all meetings are virtual due to Coronavirus.


We also have three voluntary committees which anyone interested can join: Media, Events, and Observation.

  • Media Committee runs our social media, emails, takes photos, makes videos, posters, and more! 
  • Events Committee plans and hosts events for club members and shares the wonders of astronomy with others via Dark Sky Trips, observing events, study groups, and more! 
  • Observation Committee allows club members to engage in their own astronomy observations, and committee members are able to use our club telescopes and other equipment for their research!


President - Caity Roe
CUAC President Caity RoeCaity is a senior at CU Boulder studying Psychology, and someday hopes to work in the mental health field. Astronomy and space sciences have been a lifelong passion for her, and this is her third year on the executive board of CUAC. In her free time, she enjoys stargazing, cooking, spending time with friends and family and doing research for the Psychology Department. Her favorite moon is Titan of Saturn, and her favorite constellation is Lyra the Harp.


Vice President - Taylor ShankCUAC Vice President Taylor Shank

Taylor is a Senior at CU Boulder majoring in Marketing and is obtaining a certificate in Operations and Information Management. Astronomy became an instant passion of hers after taking an Astronomy class at community college, and since then she loves to learn as much as she can on the subject. Outside of school, she’s a foodie, loves photography, stargazing, baking, and hiking. Her favorite moon is Jupiter’s Galilean moon Io, and her favorite constellation is Ursa Major.




Media Committee - Connor Owen

Chair of the CUAC Media Committee Connor OwenConnor is a Senior at CU Boulder majoring in Marketing with a Minor in Planetary Sciences (Astronomy). In his free time Connor enjoys snowboarding, hiking, cooking, video games, and is an avid auto enthusiast. His favorite galaxy is M87, and favorite moon Europa.


Observation Committee - Ian ChakrabortyChair of the CUAC Research Committee Ian Chakraborty

Ian is the chair of the CU Astronomy club research committee and is currently a sophomore studying aerospace engineering and astronomy. Ian enjoys fly fishing (maybe a little too much) and playing the flute. Ian hopes to research techniques in identifying the composition of near earth objects and asteroids.





Events Committee - Hector

Chair of the CUAC Events Committee HectorHector is a transfer student from South Plains College in Texas who is majoring in Astrophysics, and is currently the Events Committee chair. Outside of the Astronomy Club he enjoys going out to watch trains, stargazing, travelling, watching movies, listening to music, hiking, photography, chess, tennis, golf, archery, football(soccer), basketball, swimming, and table tennis. His favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, his favorite NBA team is the Dallas Mavericks, and his favorite football team is New Mexico United. His favorite constellation is Orion, favorite galaxy is the Sombrero Galaxy, and his favorite nebula is the Helix Nebula.    


TreasurCUAC Treasurer Devin Driggser - Devin Driggs

Devin’s currently a junior in the School of Music, studying French Horn Performance. He loves studying, understanding, and playing music, and hopes to someday play in orchestras and teach college music students. In the meantime, he loves stories and spends his time thinking way too hard about books, TV, movies, DnD, and vaguely entertaining Thanksgiving anecdotes. He also loves exploring with friends, and finding great locations in the community and the outdoors. His favorite deep space object is the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, and his favorite constellation is Saggittarius.

Secretary - Conrad Meyer-Reed

CUAC Secretary Conrad Meyer-ReedConrad is a sophomore at CU Boulder currently majoring in Astrophysics. Other than holding the Secretary position for the CU Astronomy Club, he is also a member of the CU Stars. During his free time he enjoys stargazing with his telescope, going to planetarium shows, playing ultimate frisbee, ice skating, hammocking, mountain hiking, and indoor climbing. His favorite moon is Titan, and his favorite constellation is Scorpius.