Mona Lambrecht
Curator of History and Collections

Mona oversees the museum’s collections, curates exhibits, and researches and writes about campus history for exhibitions and articles. She especially enjoys researching the early people and history of the campus, bringing the feel of the young campus back to life. Mona assists patrons with research, presents CU history for various academic classes and groups, and works directly with CU’s Museum Studies graduate students. Raised in Boulder, she headed east twice, first to Maryland, then later to Massachusetts, where she earned her MA in History from Boston’s Northeastern University. Before joining the Heritage Center in 2011, Mona worked as a graphic designer, independent historian, genealogist, and college history professor. Mona lives in Arvada with her husband, four cats, two race cars, and a vintage 1955 “canned ham” camper. She enjoys tending to her summer vegetable garden, knitting and other fiber arts, summer camping in the canned ham, and participating in as many amateur endurance car races for $500 cars that time and money will allow.