Published: June 8, 2022

A book with grey coverThirteen previously published essays by Prof. Paul W. Kroll have been collected into a book and translated into Chinese by a group of his former students and graduates of our department. The book, titled Xunyuan yu wuma 馴鳶與舞馬 (Tamed Kite and Dancing Horses), has been published by Nanjing University Press. It was organized and edited by Timothy Wai Keung Chan (PhD 1999, currently professor at Hong Kong Baptist University). In addition to Prof. Chan, thirteen other department MA or PhD graduates contributed to the volume, each of them translating a separate essay by Prof. Kroll. The translators are: Jinhua Jia (PhD 1999, professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Ping Wang (MA 2000, PhD 2006 Univ. of Washington, assoc. prof. at University of Washington), Yiyi Luo (MA 2011, PhD Princeton 2019, asst. prof. at Beijing Normal University), Yue Hong (MA 2002, PhD Harvard 2010, assoc. prof. at Beijing People's University), Kangni Huang (MA 2018, PhD candidate at Harvard), Jie Wu (MA 2003, PhD Univ. of Washington 2008, professor at Murray State University), Xiao Rao (MA 2013, PhD Stanford 2019, asst. prof. at Univ. of North Carolina, Greensboro), Qian Jia (MA 2016, PhD candidate at Stanford), Zhuming Yao (MA 2016, PhD candidate at Princeton), Xiaojing Miao (PhD 2019, research fellow at Oxford), Baiqian Bian (MA 2018, PhD candidate at Yale), Xi Zhu (MA 2013, PhD candidate at Univ. of Washington), and Heng Du (MA 2010, PhD Harvard 2018, asst. prof. at Wellesley College).