Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings (AAS)

Arnold Air Society is a professional development and community service-based club sponsored by the Air Force Association and is a part of Air Force ROTC detachments nationwide. The Colonel Ellison S. Onizuka Squadron emphasizes the values of excellence, service, and family. Throughout the year, squadron members coordinate and participate in several community service projects, including the POW/MIA run, the Challenger memorial, and Wreaths Across America. Each year, squadron members attend a national convention to connect with squadrons and detachments, to learn about leadership development and grit from the Air Force’s best. In order to be a part of Arnold Air Society, any active cadet must undergo a “pledge semester,” providing challenges in physical fitness, problem solving, and team cohesion. All motivated cadets who are looking to push themselves are encouraged to join.

National Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings Group

Honor Guard

The Detachment 105 Honor Guard combines various facets of drill, ceremony, and wingman-ship forming the face of the Air Force within the CU Boulder community. Honor Guard provides services for the university and local community such as color guards, sabers, flag raising ceremonies, drill performances, and even drill competition judges. Honor Guard members experience unique events like presenting the flag before a football game on Folsom Field or at the annual Challenger Memorial. There is a special camaraderie among our members that will serve you throughout ROTC and beyond.

As a cadet-led club, Honor Guard holds members to a higher standard, training their drill and ceremonies to perfection. They are experts in drill and ceremonies, becoming role models and mentors to their fellow wingmen within the detachment. The Detachment 105 Honor Guard is comprised of members from all backgrounds, not just members of the AFROTC program. Students interested in becoming a part of Honor Guard must go through a pledge semester.

Pershing Rifles

Pershing Rifles is a military oriented nationwide organization originally founded in 1894. CU Boulder’s Pershing Rifles Group specializes in small team tactics and preparing both civilians and cadets in Special Forces related careers. Pershing Rifles works to create elite men and women and will push the limits of your determination. 

National Pershing Rifles Group

Success Enabled Pilots (SEP)

The Lt. Alec F. Littler chapter of Success Enabled Pilots (SEP) is a club for Detachment 105 cadets to explore their passion and interest in aviation while learning about becoming Air Force pilots. The club is open to all Detachment 105 cadets and features weekly lessons on general aviation topics, mentoring with former/current pilots, morale events, fly-ins, and orientation flights with Civil Air Patrol. Cadets in SEP also network and create lifetime friendships with other cadets and pilots. SEP is proud to help cadets compete for and earn pilot slots in AFROTC. In SEP, cadets learn the process for becoming a pilot, how they can be a competitive applicant, conduct orientation flights and fly-ins, and general mentorship from those who received pilot slots at Detachment 105. The club is a great opportunity for cadets to learn if military aviation is right for them and how they can earn a pilot slot in AFROTC.


Supra, the Space Force Club, intends to foster interest in the USSF and provide information and resources for cadets and college students pursuing space careers. By offering community events, space-morale activities, space pipeline workshops, and guest speaker events, cadets are given a plethora of information as well as research and outreach opportunities not provided by the traditional AFROTC curriculum. Our club was started in the Fall of 2021 and is already a part of USAFA’s ‘i5’ detachment network giving members a boost in educational resources and networking opportunities. Meetings are zoom-based or in person, and scheduled at various times depending on the schedules of the active members.

Teal Rope

Teal Rope is a peer advocacy program focused on preventing and responding to sexual harassment and assault, fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all cadets and their identities, and connecting cadets with CU Boulder resources and support. Teal Rope cadets are trained individuals who can identify, prevent, and respond to incidents regarding to sexual harassment and assault. We are a team of cadets who want to ensure that cadets of any gender, sexual orientation, and background receive the same level of support, care, and inclusivity, and that all survivors and victims feel seen, heard, and safe.

Any cadet can take on the commitment of being a Teal Rope and must participate in a 6-hour annual training session to join and retain membership. We are distinguished from our peers by our teal rope, which allows for cadets to easily seek and utilize us as a resource. The ideal Teal Rope advocate is a professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable individual who is willing to be a wingman for those in need every day by connecting cadets to mental health resources around campus and their communities.

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