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Request for Enrollment Certification

CU-Boulder does not automatically certify benefit recipients for each term. This form indicates your desire to receive your GI Bill benefit.

*NOTE: A request for enrollment certification is required for EACH term you wish to receive benefits.


Yellow Ribbon

CU-Boulder has recently expanded its participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program in order to address the gap between in and out-of-state tuition.  CU-Boulder now offers an unlimited number of $5,000 awards per year ($10,000 per year when combined the VA’s contribution).


Supplemental Enrollment

If you plan on taking courses at an institution in addition to CU–Boulder to fulfill your degree, this form must be signed by your academic advisor. The Veterans Education office will then submit an enrollment certification request to your secondary school.


Course Repeat Form

VA regulation prohibits the use of educational funds for the same class more than once unless required for the student’s degree program. In order to verify the course you are repeating is required, this form must be signed by your academic advisor before our office will send an enrollment certification request.


Training Time Equivalency Table 

Use this table to figure out full time course load for summer term.