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Parking & Transportation Services

Parking Services

offers many options for parking permits, ADA accessible parking, parking logistics for campus events, and parking citations.

Transportation Services

administers all programs related to CU-owned vehicles including the university vehicle-lease program and Buff Bus student shuttles.

Transportation Options

administers bike registration, Faculty/Staff ECO Pass, eGo carshare, vanpooling, and together with the Environmental Center the bike program including the mobile mechanic and our two bike stations:

UMC Bike Station: located east of the UMC at the Fine Arts Lawn

Folsom Bike Station: located at the southwest corner of the Engineering Center (Now open Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM)

Renewal Information for Faculty/Staff Eco Pass Holders

RTD is experiencing problems with the electronic renewal of 2014 Eco Passes. The Eco Pass smart cards should have been automatically renewed in RTD’s system – but, so far, the electronic renewal hasn’t worked and Eco Passes are showing on the card validator displays as “INVALID - NO VALUE $ 0.00.” Drivers have been instructed by RTD to honor your photo ID Eco Pass as a “flash pass” – to let you board after verifying that you match the photo on the card – until this problem is resolved.

If your ECO Pass displays an "Invalid-No Value $0.00" and you wish to reactivate your ECO Pass you may:

1) Have your ECO Pass handy to report the number listed under your photo

2) Call RTD at (303) 299-2273 and press OPTION 1

3) Request a reactivation/recharge of your ECO Pass and list the number under your ECO Pass photo

Within in one week your card will be reactivated.

Most Stampede drivers are aware of the situation but if you bus outside of Boulder you can print out this RTD Driver Bulletin (viewable in Internet Explorer) and have it available in case you have any issues when boarding. Most drivers will honor your card, but if your card reads “INVALID - NO VALUE $ 0.00” and the driver asks you to pay, you can then show them the bulletin.

If the driver still requires you to pay a cash fare (other than the $2.50 surcharge for the skyRide), please note: a) the route, b) date, c) time, and d) location of boarding and e-mail or call Theresa Rinker at RTD theresa.rinker@rtd-denver.com or 303 299-2122 with these four details so that she can follow up with the driver.

Thank you for your patience while RTD improves their renewal system.