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Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) is responsible for the construction, maintenance, enforcement and administration of most of the university's existing and new parking facilities, customer service, business operations and providing staffing and traffic coordination plans for thousands of annual campus events.

PTS also maintains the university's fleet vehicles, controls the Buff Bus routes connecting residence halls with campus and oversees campus alternative transportation programs.

Mission & Vision Statements

MISSION: Our mission is to provide solutions to access the University of Colorado Boulder campus. 

VISION: To provide the best first and lasting experience.

Our department's success depends upon supporting and investing in our workforce, meeting our fiscal responsibilities as a self-funded university business, and planning for a sustainable future.

Auxiliary (Self-funding) Status

PTS is one of the university's self-funded auxiliary departments. It receives no tax dollars or tuition fees to support its parking or bus operations. Costs for all of PTS' operations must be offset by fees assessed to UCB parking and transportation system users.

Parking Lots / Spaces on Campus

PTS manages parking access for 121 of the campus' 159 parking zones; and approximately 8,000 of the campus' 11,000 parking spaces.

PTS Controlled Lots

38 of the 159 parking zones on campus are controlled by departments other than PTS. These zones contain about 3,500 parking spaces. The Research Property System, the Research Park, the Family Housing System, the Department of Athletics, the Housing Maintenance operation, the University Foundation, and the Alumni Center are examples of university departments that control parking facilities/lots on campus.

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