The Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design (B.Envd.) is a four-year pre-professional degree. Drawing on an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, the degree prepares students for practice and advanced study in design-based fields that address the built and natural environment as well as to apply design thinking in related careers. Students enroll in studios, lectures, and seminars taught by faculty with both academic and professional expertise. Through rigorous and exciting courses focusing on design theory, history, ecological impact, materials and methods, and systems thinking, our students become adept at complex problem solving, reflective reasoning and analytical thinking.


Sheryl Koutsis Receives Distinguished Annual Chancellor’s Employee of the Year Award

Sheryl Koutsis, Advising Unit Manager of ENVD, receives distinguished annual Chancellor’s Employee of the Year Award.

TREExOFFICE is an outdoor urban co-working space inspired by artist Natalie Jeremijenko and designed and built by CU Program in Environmental Design students under the guidance of ENVD faculty member Marcel de Lange with assistance from Studio NYL

Boulder, Colorado (May 11, 2016) - On Saturday, high schoolers from the "I Have a Dream" program, Adelante!, and Boulder Housing Partners will participate in a Design Workshop with Growing Up Boulder, a "child- and youth-friendly city initiative"

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