Program in Environmental Design

University of Colorado Boulder

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Planning

  • Lama Foundation Design Build

  • ENVD Tour with Stephen Sparn Architects

  • Native American Sustainable Housing Initiative

  • CU Boulder ENVD Study Abroad

    Matt Jelacic's Global Seminar: Istanbul

  • ENVD's Center for Innovation and Creativity



The Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design (BEnvd) is a four-year pre-professional degree which prepares students for careers in the design fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, as well as preparing students to go on to master’s programs.  The BEnvd has a long and distinguished history, having been offered on the University of Colorado’s Flagship Campus since 1970.   Undergraduate students benefit from studying on a traditional, residential campus and have access to design professionals all along the front-range urban corridor.


Solving the Housing Crisis on Native American Lands

"It's very similar to building any structure for humans because you have to know and do research and learn what the bees need, what's going to be bad for them, what's going to be good for them, It's the same thing you do if you're desi

Eleven environmental design students from the University of Colorado are in New Mexico this month building a sustainable, 120-square-foot hut they designed and modeled last semester for a nonprofit retreat center.

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