Extraordinary means to go beyond the usual. Winter Session classes are designed for students seeking a singular experience. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a subject alongside a faculty member and peers who share the same passion for engaged learning. This winter break, let your location become your classroom.

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CU Boulder professors design and teach winter classes that ignite their own passions, and they invite students to join them in the exploration of that material. Winter Session gives you the opportunity to connect deeply not only with the subject, but with the professor who teaches the class. 

Transformative Learning
Winter Session classes alter the learning experience. You work in the communities, environments, or labs where learning becomes immersive, collaborative, and hands-on. Courses begin online and once you are in the field or on location, guest speakers, professionals, and subject experts are integrated into the course material to broaden and deepen your understanding of the material.

Focused Engagement
You, and a small group of students, spend up to 12 days in residence exclusively dedicated to your chosen subject. This intimate, experiential setting allows you to learn exponentially as you engage your professor and peers resulting in an expansion of knowledge that can’t be duplicated in a traditional classroom.