Register your subdomain
In efforts to identify site owners for subdomain websites, we ask that you register your subdomain website with us.

Register Your Site

In order to obtain a subdomain or redirect, all websites must comply with the campus policy for accessibility, brand and security. Subdomain URLs will not be approved and provisioned until we have confirmation the site has been approved by all three areas:

Brand Compliance

All sites are required to go through a brand review to make sure they are accurately meeting the brand standards.

Submit site for review:

After you have applied the brand standards to your website, you can submit your site for review

Web Accessibility

All Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems to be launched by the University of Colorado Boulder must be tested for accessibility.

Accessibility testing can be done on campus through the Accessibility and Usability Lab. It can also be done off campus by a vendor/supplier or a third-party consultant. All third-party testing must follow the standards approved by the Dan Jones, CDAO (Chief Digital Accessibility Officer) and ICTARB (ICT Accessibility Review Board).

Security Review

All sites must now go through a security review performed by the OIT Security Team. Contact the security office at for details on how to getting started. Include in your email that you need a security review for a site hosted off-campus to obtain approval for a subdomain.

Subdomain Request

To request a subdomain you need to first start with contacting OIT via 5-help or This will create a service ticket that will be assigned to the Networking team in OIT. Once the networking team has reviewed the ticket they will assign it to Strategic Relations and Communications to verify if the site has gone through the appropriate reviews outlined above. Once a site has been approved for Accessibility, Brand and in some cases Security the subdomain request will be approved.